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I have officially lost all faith in the human race.

Today alone, anonymous assholes on the internet have called me a “loser” who “just suck[s] at life,” a “drooling idiot,” “enfeebled,” a “self-important bitch, an “opinionated cunt,” and been told that I was only being spoken to this way in an effort to “de-cunt” me.

When I tried to bring some humanity to the situation by telling one of my abusers that I had been having a miserable day and his cruelty made me cry (hoping maybe to shame him into behaving like a decent human being?), he replied with, “I frankly don’t give a shit about your problems…Suck it up and try to act like an adult, you fuck-up.”

My brain just broke.

We live in a society that not only does not provide the opportunity for nearly 10% of its population to work in order to provide for themselves, it seems to accept this kind of behavior.

This is the way people treat each other? It’s unbelievable.

I want no part of this society. I officially withdraw from it. I forfeit. I’d rather be beaten to death by Neanderthals over the last scrap of food than be deceived into believing that we live in a civilized world only to have to deal with crap like this on a daily basis.

Today I decided there is no sympathy. There is no compassion. There are only assholes.

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  1. Probably he was trolling you. Don’t feed the trolls and whatnot. Hang in there.

    • I don’t give a shit if it was a troll or not. I’m sick of a world in which there is a whole category of people who think it’s funny to cruelly torment their fellow human beings, and a whole other category of people who think this is acceptable and “ignoring it” is the appropriate course of action.

  2. you sound like a great person, it sucks that there are people who are so insecure and miserable that they feel the need to lash out through the anonymity the internet provides. Just remember, you’re a better person than all of them! :-)

    • John, so true. I still say that we as a society need to do more to shun people like that (honestly, the definition of “troll” borders on that of “sociopath,” i.e. the people who turn out to be serial killers), but thanks for that reminder, it cheered me up a tiny bit.

  3. Dear Ms. WordCynic:

    For 28 years I’ve been a contract writer in the technology industry and, with the exception of a couple of brief intervals, have never been out of work. The reason I’ve been successful (as in happy, not wealthy) is summed up in my one-page website. I refreshed it over the weekend so it’s current. Beyond its message, which basically is that we in the IT industry are on the brink on a revolution as big as the Web browser in 1998, I have taken pains to ensure that it looks good, and that its tone is optimistic. No BS there — I AM optimistic.

    I’ve taken the trouble of posting a mirror image on Craigs by dropping in the HTML code, and it blows away my competition’s unformatted posts. I began receiving emails from prospective employers Monday morning.

    Every word in my site is sincere. I love two work-related things: the magical offerings of digital technology (but not the nuts and bolts of the technology itself), and explaining complex concepts and procedures to “regular” people. The word “passionate” is overused these days, but it aptly describes how I feel about presenting a technology product (e.g., a software application) to a non-expert user whose work situation depends at least in part upon their mastery of the product. If I do my job well, the user’s apprehension will be turned into productivity and confidence. Pretty noble mission statement, right?

    No cynicism, please. I found my calling and have built a good life around it. I can tell from your blog that you’re an intelligent woman, and you give a damn. Don’t waste your talents on online gaming or writing a blog that will scare off employers like nobody’s business. You’re treading water because you want to avoid the pain of rejection from potential employers.

    Grow a thicker skin. There’s no need to be cynical — just be smart. Give your self a week off and do some blue-sky thinking. Ask family and close friends whether they think you could be “right” for certain kinds of work that interest you. You’ll be surprised by the answers.

    The final decision about what kind of work you want to do will be easy. Put aside your insecurities and ask yourself in non-specific terms what you are really passionate about. (From here, I’d say “investigative reporter.”) Then go after it in unconventional ways. Here’s what’s works for me even at 61 years old: Learn all you can about your chosen trade. Live it, and get to know (without ass-kissing) the people in it. Find a mentor. Volunteer in an industry association and work your butt off for that association. Do what you have to do to come to someone’s mind when told by a friend there’s a position opening. Your involvement in your chosen industry, if it shows you sincerely love it, will radiate to others in the industry and who love it too. Most people are good, and they will help you without your engaging in self-promoting practices that conflict with your ethical standards, which I admire. Eventually — I’d say pretty soon if you get serious — you will get a toe-hold, and then the world will be your apple.

    Best of luck,

    John Mulvihill, Silicon Valley

    • John,

      Thanks for your comment. While I understand that you are trying to be supportive, I have to take issue with one thing: “Don’t waste your talents on online gaming or writing a blog that will scare off employers like nobody’s business.”

      Is this blog “scaring off employers”? Probably. Almost definitely.

      But I am not going to stop, because all I am doing here is writing about my experiences. This is what is actually happening to me, and people deserve to know about it. I am not egotistical enough to think the world cares so much about my own personal troubles, but I know there are many, many others like me, and our story deserves to be told. Am I overly cynical, bitter, and angry? Oh, absolutely. But I think you would be too, and the mere fact that so many people like me who, as you rightly say, are “intelligent and give a damn” have been reduced to having next to zero hope for being productive members of society is a problem. No, not just a problem, but a Problem…or even a PROBLEM.

      So I am going to continue saying what I have to say. This world, this system, is rotten to its core, and I will not stop saying so. I have reached the point where I refuse to play this game anymore. It’s the only way to maintain whatever self-respect I have left.

  4. The Word Cynic people isn’t ostensibly a misnomer so naysayers should probably fuck off.

  5. I feel EXACTLY the way you do. Months ago I took a leave from the Internet because I got so sick of the same BS. While I know I always focus my posts here in response for your/my hate for Jobfox, I don’t put it past them to write that shit and send it to you. I say that because I have heard of the Jobfox people doing that in hopes that you will feel like shit and close down your site. I am 100% sure about that.

    I don’t think you are a loser, fuck-up, etc. BY FAR. You are honest and you care about others. Unfortunately for you and other compassionate people on the internet there are 100 uncivilized mean and cruel people out there. We are the ones who will prosper because I truly believe the ones who make it a point to spew hate will reap what they sow.

    Email me anytime you want to commiserate. I feel your pain because I have felt it before. Best, Laurie

    • Ha, every time I complain to one of my friends about trollish comments he says, “Must be someone hired by Jobfox!” If anything it’s a strategy that will completely backfire, because while I have considered shutting the site down so as to not have to deal with assholes, every time the thought crosses my mind I immediately think “but then what about all those people searching for information about if jobfox is a scam?!” So for that reason alone, I’m going to have to keep paying my yearly fee to my hosting company until JobFox disappears off the face of the earth. =)

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, they do certainly help!

      • I am on board with whatever strategy you use to bury Jobfox. I find their marketing tactics sleazy at best. I have tried to write negative (not caustic) comments on some of the SEO sites. Nothing negative, even when said nicely is ever posted. I’ve tried. Comments on their site are all so much the same that it’s obvious they are written by Jobfox employees.

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  7. Ok I’m speaking to you as someone who was in your exact same position a few months back and Im gonna give you the same advice someone gave me……THE WORLD SUCKS but sitting online running a site talking about how much the world sucks ISNT GONNA MAKE IT ANY BETTER…u surround urself with thoughts of negativity everyday running a website that analyzes every aspect of the world that you hate…dont u think that eventually has an effect of your mood and outlook?? In retrospect it sure as hell did something to me… I was just like you I hated everything and everyone and was at a loss for words at what I was seeing in the state of world thinking i was the central figure in a Truman Show like parody. I understand that expressing your thoughts out into word provides you with some kind of release but u know what also does that…..going out for a beer with a friend (just like our parents did in their day). Our parents didnt have the option of going online and discussing the sad state of the world with a bunch of people that are miserable because lets be honest MISERY LOVES COMPANY. The light at the end of the tunnel is alot less bright when ur wearing sunglasses putting a darkened effect on everything around you. The world sucks but its not changing anytime fast so u know what ROLL UP UR SLEEVES and set a goal and go for it stop talking about ALL YOUR SETBACKS and the reasons you hate the world because they arent gonna change and years from now ur gonna look back and see the same posts recurring over and over again because in contrast to what Bob Dylan believes TIMES THEY ARENT A’ CHANGING. I am not bashing you by any means this isnt a mean spirited post I am just telling you that this used to be me and you dont want to look back on ur life and think all u amounted to was someone who sat behind a silver screen spitting out angry drivel about EVERYTHING. My advice to you is get a new outlook blast Matt & Kim and sing along to it as loud as u can in the shower go to grad school get a sweet GPA do some internships while there and turn things around for urself so u can hopefully hand this advice down to someone down the road who u see see going towards a life of seeing the glass half empty forever. BUT THEN AGAIN who the hell am I….I am just some guy who was sick and tired of being sick and tired just like you. I didnt give up any of my self respect I just decided that I was going to succeed and I did. And u know what those people emailing you writing mean things….they are just another one of those angry people sitting behind a computer trying to bring other people down because (once again) MISERY LOVES COMPANY and in this day and age thats wat angry people do THEY HIDE behind a computer screen in a dark room bitching and moaning to make themselves feel better. So look around and ask yourself “WHERE ARE YOUR FRIENDS TONIGHT” then stop posting and go to wherever they are and have a good time things are already looking up.

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  9. People suck. They always have and they always will.

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