Holy Shit I Got into Grad School

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So, I took a little much-needed hiatus from blogging after having an utterly horrendous, hate-filled day that made me want to never use the internet again. I do want to try to maintain a regular schedule of posting and I think I have been doing better, but after that day I really, really needed a break or I was going to completely self-implode. My faith in humanity was restored a teeny tiny bit when I discovered that the hospital I visited a month or so ago has a financial assistance program for low-income patients and I officially qualify (horray compassion for sick, poor people!) although I’m still waiting to hear back as to how much they will actually cover, and my faith in myself was restored quite a big bit when I discovered that I had been admitted to a graduate school.

I might have squealed, jumped up and down, and run around the apartment a little bit. Or I might have handled my excitement in a more mature, adult way. (It’s possible, you know.)

Anyway, I have officially been admitted to Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs to pursue a dual masters degree in Public Affairs and Environmental Science, and I am really, really excited about it. I have had an extremely difficult time getting all the extras of my applications together (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc) so the two other schools will still probably not have complete applications until the end of this week. This will make juggling multiple acceptances (if I am indeed lucky enough to get in to one of the others) and their deadlines somewhat tricky. But I’ll be visiting SPEA at the end of the month and if it goes well I think I might just go there. The more I think about it, the more excited I get.

It’s nice to have someone say in definitive terms that you’re not a total fuck-up and failure at life. No, idiots on the internet don’t really have that much of an effect on me, but my own inner voice does. I have spent 2 years struggling to accomplish something with my life and getting absolutely nowhere (or possibly even going backwards), so when a well-respected, nationally ranked graduate program (which was one of the first in the country to put together a dual degree that almost perfectly matches my career ambitions) tells me they think I’m worthy of their education…well, it has definitely done a lot to lift my spirits.

I’ve been trying to find some new tutoring clients lately, because the number of hours I work now is just really not cutting it. Unfortunately, despite the success I have had with Craigslist in the past, this time around I have gotten one legitimate response and over half a dozen scam bait emails. If it keeps going at this rate I might have to shell out a few bucks for a Google adwords campaign, as much as I hate feeding the Google empire any more than I already do. But despite all the misery and frustration of making ends meet with tutoring and riding my bike through the daily rain out here, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and for that I am extremely grateful. It suddenly once again seems possible that I might one day get a job that I actually want to be doing.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you! You deserve some happy news and it’s long overdue. Please don’t shut down this site or stop posting. I love this blog.

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